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Who Are We ?

Louis Durocher et Manon Martin de Chic & BastaWe are Manon Martin and Louis Durocher, husband and wife. We live in the Eastern Townships in the Province of Quebec (Canada), and our little doggy is called Lhassa ;-)

After more than 20 years working in communications and web marketing, we founded Chic & Basta on the simple idea of supporting and promoting the independent Quebec creators who produce handmade design objects (or manufactured in small batch runs), that are authentic, contemporary and of great aesthetic beauty.

Traveling the world of creators, we select a carefully curated collection of beautiful and practical products for your home and your table. Our ambition in this new adventure is for Chic & Basta to become an ambassador for the contemporary creators of Quebec.

We hope to showcase Quebec artists by sharing with you our passion for their work, and their love of beautiful, unique objects, objects made to last.

What Is Our Goal ?

We love and look for perfectly imperfect objects, small series, small productions, high-quality objects that combine simplicity of function and aesthetics.

In presenting the products and the portraits of their creators, we want to create a connection between lovers of beautiful objects and those who make them: Quebec designers, artisans and small manufacturers.

We believe that a people’s soul is expressed in their objects and craft, that handmade objects or products of local artisans, design objects made in small series, are more beautiful, last longer, and ultimately provide more satisfaction and joy than goods mass produced by our industrial society.

Our selection has a preference for creators and Quebec artists who focus on quality rather than quantity, and who create contemporary objects.

What Do We Believe In?

Press Release


Press release published on V2com - 18-09-2015: C'est Chic! Designed in Quebec


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