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Marina Lespérance Lopez - lloma

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  • On these beautiful vases the patterns are obtained by superimposing several layers of colored clays. The contemporary Japanese term nerikomi is commonly used to describe this technique today. "Neri" means to mix, and "Komi", to squeeze.  She therefore uses several kinds of clays (sandstone of different colors and porcelain) as well as natural minerals, and pigments to create colors. and textures. In the end, she comes to apply real gold 22 carats on the glaze to complete the picture.

    Marina's visual universe is inspired by varied imagery from scientific fields, including geology, atmospheric phenomena, astronomy, and images of cellular activity under the microscope. There is always a fun touch in her work, we recognize the visual codes of the party and games, as well as the pop graphic design of the 90s.
    Each vase is unique. The images give a good idea of the one you’ll receive. The making of these vases makes them all unique. This is why color gradients and format can vary from one to another. See it as the pledge of a work done by hand.

     Quebec Region : Handmade in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

    Material & Colour : Mixture of clays containing porcelain and sandstone. Glaze and 22 carats gold.

    Dimensions :  Approx. Small Vase. Height: 9.5 " - 24 cm. Diameter: 3.5 " - 9 cm.
    Medium Vase. Height: 10.5 " - 27 cm. Diameter: 3.5 " - 9 cm.
    Large Vase. Height: 11.5 " - 29 cm. Diameter: 3.5 " - 9 cm.

  • Marina Lespérance Lopez - lloma
    Marina Lespérance Lopez, the artist behind the lloma collections, was trained in visual and media arts at UQAM, where she discovered ceramics in her sculpture and installation projects. Her artistic practice deviated towards the manufacture of utilitarian objects because she wanted to make her works accessible in the everyday life of people. Marina has always been passionate about household objects and their great potential for emotional charge, she also treated these subjects in her artistic practice. She wanted us to reconnect with the value of objects in our globalized economy, and that's how she started to make herself.

  • Wash gently by hand.

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